Union Tool and Mold Company

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The company's molding department is equipped with three Van Dorn and four Cincinnati-Milacron injection molding machines ranging in capacity from 55 tons to 300 tons. This equipment is capable of running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for production or first piece /prototype runs. Union Tool and Mold produces plastic parts either from the molds it designs and builds, or those supplied by customers.

Union Tool and Mold has the latest quality assurance equipment for inspecting both the molds we make and the molded parts we produce. The company also has highly skilled personnel to operate all inspection and production equipment. Training is always given the highest priority because, as company president Bob Arrighi says, "If we are going to be a world class supplier to our customers, we must keep up with the latest technology."

Union Tool & Mold's customers are in the automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, telecommunication, and consumer goods markets. All of these customers demand the highest quality molds and parts at the best prices, delivered when needed.

According to Bob Arrighi, "For the future, we are looking to expand our manufacturing capacity so we can better supply our customers". Bob encourages you to visit Union Tool & Mold and see its diverse capabilities. As he says "We are just a phone call away".